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HTML5 is the next major update to the W3C HTML specification providing a standard structure for presenting content on the web. The W3C HTML5 specification adds new features like graphical support through SVG and Canvas, multimedia support like inlive video and audio, as well as new APIs to make it easier for developers to create rich, interactive web applications..
11th Jul, 2012 | Channel 5
Panopticon Software, the leading provider of visual data analysis software for real-time, CEP and historical time series data, announced HTML5 client for its enterprise data visualization platform. It supports a new HTML5 thin client for tablet deplo... Read More
05th Jul, 2012 | Channel 5
App stores have become fashionable these days and now we have an HTML5 App store. Robert Reich, developer and founder of Openspace Store, Inc. has set out to build the world’s largest App Store, by establishing the Developers Cooperative. This ... Read More
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Author Modern HTML rendering engines and emerging standards make it possible to create a new class of rich experiences that could previously be achieved only with native development toolkits—but develo... Read More
24th Jul, 2012 | Channel 5
Author Today’s web applications are put together a mesh up a new experiences into one experience. Think Twitter widgets showing the latest tweets about a product. Or Facebook comments discussing an art... Read More
23rd Jul, 2012 | Channel 5
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27th Jul, 2012 | Channel 5
Building fast and functional sites is a challenge with which most Web developers are familiar. Loading a new page every time the user clicks a link is slow. Fetching all content dynamically effectivel... Read More
26th Jul, 2012 | Channel 5
HTML5 has been billed as a means for developers to create modern Web applications, complete with support for multimedia functionality like video and Canvas 2D. Its emergence has led to questions about... Read More
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