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HTML5 is the next major update to the W3C HTML specification providing a standard structure for presenting content on the web. The W3C HTML5 specification adds new features like graphical support through SVG and Canvas, multimedia support like inlive video and audio, as well as new APIs to make it easier for developers to create rich, interactive web applications..
Microsoft improves JavaScript performance in Windows 8
Posted By: Channel 5
Posted On: 18th Jun, 2012

For those who are followers of Microsoft, it would be surprising for them to see the company embracing open Web standards. The company is so enamored with the open Web that they are building Windows 8 Metro apps and Internet Explorer 10 with HTML5 and JavaScript in mind. With the launch of the Windows 8 Release Preview behind them, Microsoft took some time out to explain their advancements in JavaScript.

In this article by Zach Walton, the author says that the arrival of HTML5 and the evolution of CSS and JavaScript has forced Microsoft to rethink how we think of the Web. On that front, they have already started to evolve their own proprietary JavaScript engine to address the ever growing Web.

Microsoft’s JavaScript engine is named Chakra. It’s an engine that circulates the execution of different processes of JavaScript through the use of a computer’s hardware including multiple cores. It achieves this through the use of parallel architecture that processes and executes the code on one core while offloading garbage collection and the JIT compiler to the other cores.

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